Mobile application to track Nipah launched

Nipah Help to inform public on virus and precautionary measures

The Kozhikode district administration has developed a mobile-friendly application, Nipah Help, to disseminate authentic information about Nipah virus and precautionary measures adopted in the district.

The app has been developed in association with Kerala Startup Mission.

It can be downloaded through a simple method after saving the mobile number of the Health Department (+91 7592808182) on the device of the user.

Nipah Help can also be downloaded from Play Store (official app store for Android operating system) or App Store (digital distribution platform, developed and maintained by Apple Inc.) or from


The app will provide all relevant information on Nipah virus through messages. The public can also call the helpline 0495- 2376063.

The app was developed by Qkopy Kerala Startup Mission that functions at UL Cyber Park in Kozhikode.