Future of Jobs in India : A 2022 Perspective

Are Cashier , Teller, Sales Representative the jobs that are going to get extinct in another five years??

Yes says the recent report titled Future Jobs in India: A 2022 Perspective by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) and EY (Ernst & Young).

The report talks about the Changing Job Landscape, the trends impacting future of Jobs in India, detailed sector wise analysis and recommendations to Government and Industry. The sector wise analysis covers the following:

  1. IT-BPM
  2. Automotive
  3. Retail
  4. Textiles and Apparel
  5. BFSI

Each sector analysis comprises of the present scenario, the Key megatrends impacting each sector and also the impact on jobs and skills.

Some of the key finding and recommendations are shown below:


Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 11.19.29 PM

Read the complete report : http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/ey-future-of-jobs-in-india/$FILE/ey-future-of-jobs-in-india.pdf

Dr K C Chandrasekharan Nair, The Master of Incubation steps down.

Dr K C Chandrasekharan Nair (Our beloved KCC sir) CFO, Technopark Secretary & Registrar, Technopark TBI retired today on superannuation after a laudable service of 24 years.

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One day in 1990 Mr G Vijayaraghavan, Mr K G Sateesh Kumar, Mr K Ramachandram and Dr K C Chandrasekharan Nair assembled in the room of then Special Secretary (Industries) to draw up a master plan for the materialization of a dream project i.e the creation of Technopark. This was a maiden venture in the history of Kerala which later revolutionized the growth of IT industry in the state of Kerala and created thousands of job opportunities at a time when lakhs of unemployed and educated youths were starving for a job. Later a vast area of land was bought from the University of Kerala at Kariyavattom and this land became the venue for the experiment. In the place of cashew nut trees new companies sprout up and took shape as the Technopark, the biggest IT park in the continent.

Behind this unbelievable success story of Technopark we can visibly see the hands Dr K C Chandrasekharan Nair. He shouldered many responsibilities successfully and worked hard tirelessly. Now Technopark is at the helm of glory and success.

At a time when the idea of incubation and entrepreneurship was not advocated Dr KCC showed the courage to initiate the idea of incubation in Technopark and thereby transforming hundreds of youngsters to successful entrepreneurs. He visited almost all the technical institutions in the state in search of talented young students with glowing ideas and brought them to the lime light and supported and guided them towards success. A wave of transformation swept the state through his initiatives and activities in creating a revolution in the field of startups in the state.

Now Kerala has become the most congenial destination for startups with more than 10 incubators and more than 2000 startups, which no other state in India has achieved.

Now Dr KCC stands as the ENTREPRENEUR OF ENTREPRENEURS through his successful service of 24 years to the state. We the staffs of Technopak TBI salute you for all you have done for the welfare and growth of Technopark & Technopark TBI in the past. Thank you Sir for your inspiring leadership. We wish you a happy retired life and we expect your valuable guidance in future too.

Team #TechnoparkTBI