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Introduction to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality development #2
Albin Jose
Lead Developer AR/ VR, BMS Innolabs, Bangalore 
TIME: 10:00 AM – 02.00PM
Overview of The talk 
1. Getting Started with Augmented Reality Development Using Vuforia SDK and Unity
2. Marker Based Augmented Reality
3. Vuforia Image targets ( Markers )
4. Workflow of a Vuforia – Unity Application
5. Deploying an AR app to Android Platform
Hands-on Experience
1. Modi Keynote – Clone
    We will clone a popular augmented reality app Modi Keynote and analyze the app development lifecycle of an AR app in unity
2. Simple AR Game
Prerequisites – Software 
1. Unity 2017.3.1  – Latest stable release of Unity with the following component installed ( Must) -Link: https://unity3d.com/get-unity/update
    – Standard Assets
    – Android Build Support
    – Vuforia Augmented Reality Support
2. Android SDK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TWlwStrUHr0jBjc2uT_RQtD68ogB7i4C/view?usp=sharing (download the sdk.zip from the link and keep it extracted)
4. Visual Studio /  MonoDevelop : Scripting IDE
Prerequisites – Hardware
1. Laptop with mouse
2. Android Phone with USB cable – Please enable USB debugging on the android phone ( Please google and find out how to enable USB debugging  for your particular model)
3. USB Webcam if possible – You can also use laptop webcam but a USB webcam is preferred as it will be a lot easier for us to test out AR demos
Profile of the speaker
Albin has over 5 years of experience in Computer graphics, Game development and Augmented reality / Virtual Reality starting his career in Dell International Services.He has been part of developing various AR/VR applications targetting entertainment as well as enterprises. He graduated from NMIT, Bangalore in Computer Science and Engineering. He is an official Certified Unity Developer. Albin is also passionate about teaching AR/VR development across colleges and connecting with tech-community
Please make sure you are ready with all the required software installed. As the required software are bit heavy in size and required high bandwidth to install, it may not be possible for them to install them on the premise during the workshop. Please follow this instruction for the interest of not wasting time on trivial things.