“IDEA FEST 2018!!” The right idea will fly

Kerala Startup Mission is organizing the Idea Fest as the 10th Idea Day aimed for promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth in the state of Kerala. This event focuses exclusively on innovative projects by college students in Kerala.

First Stage Application Overview

All the students interested for participating in the Idea Fest were asked to submit their Stage 1 Application form. All students who submitted the application/interest form in stage 1 and submitted Stage 2 application form were considered for the initial selection of Idea Fest.

Stage 1 Application: Interest form

  • The Stage 1 Application form was opened for students to make their interest submissions.
  • In the first stage, a total of 2384 applications were received.
  • All students who submitted the Stage 1 application was provided guidance by KSUM Team to complete their Stage 2 application form through its partners ICT Academy of Kerala and Rethink Foundation.

Stage 2 Application: Idea Fest Application Form

The Stage 2 application form was made available till March 5th and those who submitted the Stage 2 application only were shortlisted for the initial selection round of Idea Fest.

Initial Shortlisting

The initial screening process was done by the KSUM Team in which incomplete and trial applications were eliminated.

And further the applications were vetted by IEDC nodal officers from respective IEDC colleges.

Second Stage Shortlisting

KSUM had organized second stage shortlisting at 8 different locations where the applicants presented their idea to an expert panel.

The panel of judges shortlisted 281 ideas with potential and they had also provided other applicants necessary feedback for improving their idea and presentation.

The detailed information regarding the number of ideas shortlisted from different venues are as follows:

Venue Total Number of Students Pitched No of Applications Shortlisted
Ernakulam 186 119
Palakkad 43 19
Calicut 31 15
Kollam 27 7
Alappuzha 12 5
Thrissur 69 54
Kottayam 55 31
Trivandrum 38 31
Total 461 281

List of Shortlisted Students for the Finals of Idea Fest 2018!!

 Idea Fest

Demo and final selection of all the shortlisted ideas will be announced soon. The ideas which are recommended by the evaluation panel and approved by KSUM will receive funding through the Innovation Grant scheme. To Read more about the scheme visit: https://startupmission.kerala.gov.in/pages/ideaday